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How To Do A Kid-Friendly Weekend In Big Sky

This weekend, kid-sized adventures were exactly our game. Big Sky’s Basecamp is perfect for kids to bite off Big Sky-sized adventures in bite-sized portions. My wife and I were hosting our eight-year-old niece Claire. It was her first time trying out the activities at Basecamp.

Lone Peak Expedition

We had our sights set on the Lone Peak Expedition, a guided tour to the top of Big Sky’s iconic Lone Peak. Dressed in layers and shouldering a small backpack with water, snacks and sunscreen we embarked on our adventure.

A short scenic lift ride and tour aboard the expedition vehicle brought us to the base of Lone Peak’s east face. A seemingly barren and rugged alpine landscape, we soon learned that underneath this rough exterior lies a large shifting glacier. Atop this dance of rock and ice the Lone Peak Tram was built, designed to span over 1,400 feet to the summit in just four minutes.

We watched wide-eyed as ridges and rock spires that moments ago towered above us soared past. Millennia of rock layers drifted by, and for a time only the soft rhythmic hum of the tram cable could be heard. Finally Claire broke the silence with what we were all undoubtedly thinking. “Wooowww…” 

Claire taking in the views from the Lone Peak Tram
Photo: Love Street Media

At the summit, we were greeted by a sky that truly lives up to its name. We could see three states, several mountain ranges and clear across Yellowstone National Park. On the snowfield (yes, there’s still snow at the summit in July!) we built a snowman and Claire found all the fixings she needed to bring her Frosty to life. Next we walked to the true summit and recorded our time in the register.

Nature Zipline

The Nature Zipline, the more mellow of the two zipline courses that Big Sky Resort offers, was our next stop. There was a little initial hesitation amongst the group, but by the end of the first line it was game on with trust falls, inversions and running starts. Our guides (Alyssa and Jacque) were really sweet to Claire, answering her questions and teaching her the ropes. Beaming and full of confidence by the end Claire confided in us that she was going to be a zipline guide someday.

Claire and her zipline guide on the Nature Zipline tour
Photo: Love Street Media

By early afternoon, we already had memories that would last a lifetime. Content, we explored the Mountain Village, relaxed and talked about our next Big Sky adventure.

-Erik Morrison

Erik Morrison is a content creator based in Big Sky and long time Big Sky Resort Athlete Ambassador.