Pond Skim Participant Cheering
Skiing Winter

Virtual Skiing: The Best of Pond Skim

For our third installment of Virtual Skiing, we’re honoring a Big Sky tradition: Pond Skim. As the holiest of spring skiing holidays, Pond Skim requires sheer determination and killer outfits as contestants try to ski, sink or swim across an Olympic-swimming-pool-sized pond in the base area.  

To host this event, the Big Sky Resort Terrain Parks Crew carefully builds the pond out of snow and fills it with water. Despite looking tropical, this water is ice cold. And yet, as the old adage goes: “If you build it, they will come.”   

Over 100 daring, neon-clad and swimsuit-donning skiers and snowboarders will attempt to cross the pond. This isn’t a competition and there is no winner, but there is certainly glory for those who make it across… and for those who don’t.  

Someday soon, we will find our stride in a new normal and gather again. Until then, we bring you Virtual Skiing: The Best of Pond Skim, to take you into the weekend.  

We recommend you watch these videos while wearing a onesie, sequins, faux fur, or whatever funky outfits you can find your closet.   

1. Rob Enigl Mono Skis Pond Skim

The only person in history to “win” Pond Skim. Watching this one will give you all the feels. 

2. Recap of Pond Skim 2019 

New Pond Skim MCs made for some hilarious commentary.

3. Recap of Pond Skim 2018 

2018 was all about style points. 

4. Recap of Pond Skim 2017 

There was no shortage of neon short shorts at the 2017 Pond Skim.   

5. Big Sky Pond Skim Qualifier 2016

In 2016, Big Sky was a qualifier stop for the Pond Skimming World Championships, hosted by Powder Magazine.