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Virtual Skiing: Inspirational Stories from Lone Mountain

Today is Friday, April 3, and it’s been almost three weeks since Big Sky stopped spinning chairlifts. We’ve been through many stages of grief: shock, denial, anger, sadness, acceptance. And now? Well, we just miss skiing. And chairlifts. And the way the sun hits Lone Mountain in the morning.

We figured you might be missing it too. So, we scoured the internet and found a few Big Sky stories to entertain, to lighten the mood, and experience the joys of skiing from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s our first installment of Virtual Skiing, taking you into the weekend.

Caution: watching these videos may result in *happy tears*

  1. Bob Vozar shows us what skiing is all about. “Skier for life, you know how that goes.”

2. Caitlin Webb is a blind skier with the Eagle Mount Adaptive program located in Bozeman, Montana. Caitlin’s passion and determination inspires us all and reminds us with the right can do attitude, it’s impossible to have a bad day on the mountain.

3. Skiing’s roots in the US are inextricably linked to our Veterans. We are so thankful for their service & love seeing them on the slopes today, like our friend General George.

4. Michael Colantuoni was injured in a motorcycle accident in 2006 on his way to work. Nine months after the accident, he was on his first mono ski, and hasn’t turned back since.

See you on Friday for our next virtual ski date. Until then, stay safe, healthy, and at home!